Cider Pressing

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We traveled up to the farm for a Cider Pressing Party last weekend at the gracious invitation of our “renters”.  They are the former owners, M&M, who are staying on until the house they are moving into is ready.

We were expecting warm, sunny weather, but instead it was cool and very foggy.  No matter.  We’ll have to get used to more of that kind of weather anyway.  The party started at around 11 am and there were a total of 10 people.  The apples had been picked some time before and were all laid out in boxes.  The process was to give them a quick wash and then load them into the press.  The press grinds up the apples and deposits them into a bucket at the bottom which is lined with some type of cloth bag.  When the bag is full it’s closed up at the top and put in the actual press.  This produces the juice.  Wow, it sure did taste good!  We ended up bringing home two jugs of juice which was about 1 1/2 gallons.  I reduced it down by boiling it for a few hours and got 4 1/2 pint jars of a delicious caramelized sweet and sour syrup.  Should this be shared or hoarded?  Hmm…

After the pressing was done we all went inside for a fabulous lunch of M’s smoked chicken and meatloaf and vegetables from the garden,  One friend brought his homemade bread.  He grinds his own wheat and the bread was delicious.  A lemon cake for dessert was the perfect ending.

We thoroughly enjoyed the party and met a great group of people who we hope to become better acquainted with when we finally move to our farm.

Click on the photos to see a slideshow…I think…

Still learning…



One thought on “Cider Pressing

  1. This is so fascinating, Susan. The press is a great little contraption for a farm like yours. I am so glad to read your archives and look at the wonderful photos. We will miss you very much, but you are both going to have a terrific new life in Oregon.

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