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My daughter told me that it is time to add a new post about arriving in Oregon.  She’s right, but we’ve been busy–or tired–or both.

The movers came on February 27th to pack and on the 28th to load it all in the truck.  California is having a record drought but of course it rained on that day.  We didn’t get going to Oregon as early as we wanted to, but we eventually made it to the hotel in Red Bluff, CA around 10pm.  Our cat, Annabelle, seemed to enjoy the ride, at least on the first day.  On the second day she wouldn’t even look at us.

It rained all the way up through most of California but not at all in Oregon.  What a nice welcome!  When we arrived in Roseburg there was a double rainbow hanging over the town.  Now that’s a fabulous welcome!

The movers came on schedule on Sunday and the rain mostly held off.  We had boxes everywhere, but I carved out a place in the living room so we could at least have a place to sit down.  We also got the bedroom set up because we sure weren’t going to spend another night in the hotel.  Someone had set up a BBQ on their balcony and smoked us out of our room the night before.

So for the past week we’ve been unpacking and unpacking, endlessly unpacking.  After awhile it starts to look like junk that you really don’t need.  Sara, our other daughter, came down for a day to help.  She was a great help with all the boxes in the kitchen.

The countryside around Roseburg is in full bloom.  There are numerous trees with white, pale pink and purple flowers that are some type of fruit trees.  The biggest surprise is the daffodils.  They are everywhere and they tend to grow in groups in the wild, so they are bright and cheery sights, especially on overcast and rainy days.  We don’t have any flowering trees on our property yet, but we do have some daffodils and hyacinths scattered around the house.  Bruce’s daffodils haven’t popped up yet.  If we had known how many wild ones there are, maybe he wouldn’t have been out in the rain planting bulbs.

We’ve been going into town much more than we thought we would–running errands for one thing or another.  We also went to the Umpqua Farmer’s Market.  It was inside at a school, but there wasn’t much in the way of vegetables to buy.  We found a booth run by a farmer who grows organic, pasture-fed lamb and pork  and she has free-range chickens.  We bought some breakfast sausage and eggs from her.  We were going to go on a tour of her farm today, but we couldn’t find the place.  We were in the right place, but there were no signs and no sign of any tours going on.  Oh well, it was a beautiful drive anyway, and we got to see the town of Dixonville.  At least, that’s what the sign said–there wasn’t much of a town.

We also went to a nearby winery, Abacela, and had a nice wine and pizza dinner.  We sat outside overlooking the vineyard.  When it isn’t raining, the temperatures are warm and it seems like Spring.  We met a couple at the next table over who have lived here their whole lives, and we enjoyed talking to them about Oregon.

So we are slowly getting organized and Bruce has been busy potting his tomatoes and peppers.  There are a few signs of life in the vegetable garden so we’ll need to go out there soon and attack the weeds.  All in all, we have had the best experiences we could have ever hoped for buying and selling our homes and we have decided that so far we made the right decision to come here to live in Roseburg.  We love the house, the farm, the forest and the people here.

Here are some photos from our first week in Oregon:

March 2014-Deer

The kitchen at its worst–but a good excuse to eat out!

March 2014-Deer3   March 2014-Deer2

The very bold deer right by our back door.

March 2014-Wood Stove

The very first thing Bruce did after the movers left.  Those logs have been calling to him for a very long time!

March 2014-Daffodils  March 2014-Hyacinths

Daffodils up by the main road and hyacinths near the house.  We have purple, pink and white ones.

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  1. Oh What a nice post, thank you! We have been thinking of you a lot and wondering how you’re doing. It all sounds lovely and fun, so happy it feels right!

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