Vegetable Garden, March 2014, No. 3

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Post:   3/30/2014

The last two weeks in March have been mostly raining and chilly.  I had a nice dry spell mid-month, which allowed me to get some mowing done and get ready to till in the new garden area.  But a problem with the Roseburg rental company I used caused me to end up with a tiller which was not up to the job and before I could get a bigger one the rain started and has not really stopped since.

I managed to build the “grow out” tables and get them installed in the garden.  I now have a two deck, 16 foot-long table setup.  This size table will easily hold 1000 plants in 2 ½-inch pots.  This table consists of two sets of “stands” that hold separate table tops and supports two 8-foot bridge table tops.  It all comes apart into pieces that I can carry around when I want to reposition it.

The seeds are for the most part germinating nicely.  I up potted the cucumbers and all but the really poky tomato plants.

All in all, things are coming along on or a bit ahead of schedule.


Tree School

Who knew you have to take trees to school?  The things you learn when you move to the country!  Susan and I went to Tree School this week.  I really enjoyed it although it could have been a lot more technical.  It did make me think about what I want to do with this place other than grow too many vegetable plants. Sort of back to that ecosystem idea.  Wildlife habitat, biodiversity, tree health, riparian  . . . . .


Plan:  by 4/6/2014

Build a temporary greenhouse over the grow out tables.

Continue to up pot plants as they grow up

Start moving plants out to the temporary greenhouse

Pray for no frost


When/if it dries out:

Till the garden

Break ground on the expanded 30’ by 70’ garden

Spread the remaining 5 sq. yd. of compost over the entire garden

Rebuild the rows after tilling



The garden has returned to a cold swamp.  It is so interesting that when it rains, water just stands on the ground for days, like it cannot find its way down hill.  Then when the water is gone the ground is ready to work.  I am certain this is all related and the solution is more compost!  More compost is always the solution to soil structure issues.

One thought on “Vegetable Garden, March 2014, No. 3

  1. Bruce – check out my Facebook post at It should bring back memories of you and me preparing my raised beds for planting out the seedlings. It’s cool, raining and blustery today , Monday, 3/31/14 and possibly for all of this week so I am going to delay planting out until there is warm sunny weather in the forecast.

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