In The Weeds

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The weather forecast called for rain this afternoon, so I got out early to take on the weeds in the flower beds.  I noticed yesterday that they are now much easier to pull out.  The first time I went out to weed, about three weeks ago, the ground was like concrete and I spend two days with very little to show for my efforts.  But today…


Now that’s a huge pile of weeds!  I was outside for five hours and it never did rain.  After a couple of hours I was kind of wishing it would.

Here’s the flower bed I worked on the first time I went out to weed in early March:


The cleared area in front is what I spent all day on, which is about a quarter of the entire bed.  The weedy area in the middle is what the front area looked like pre-weeding.  It is just one solid mass of weeds.  I thought I might have to make friends with the weeds and call them wildflowers, but now, I think Round-up may become my best friend.

To be fair, it’s not that bad being outside pulling weeds.  Roseburg got 4.75 inches of rain for the month of March which for us (former) Californians is a whole lot of rain.  Most of the days have been too rainy or cold to go outside for very long, so when a nice, warm, sunny day comes along it calls to you to be outside enjoying the sun.  Plus, who wouldn’t like enjoying the balmy weather while listening to the geese, all kinds of birds, turkeys, and cows?  It’s nature’s symphony.

“A good garden may have some weeds.”
– Proverb



One thought on “In The Weeds

  1. It’s raining today, Friday here in Cupertino and we need every drop. Planning to put the tomatoes in the raised beds tomorrow, Saturday. Warm to hot weather on the way. Blueberries looking very promising this year. As well as Satsuma’s, lots of blossoms.
    On the MG front, I have taken the reins of the MG web team. SGM coming up on 4/12. I am giving a presentation, “Make Every Drop Count, Food Gardening in a Drought Year”.

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