Fruit Tree Study-Part 1


The fruit trees started looking alive in early March.  I had no plan in mind, but slowly started to think that the buds on the trees actually looked different from one another.  Every few days I went out to record their progress and at some point I got a map and a list of the trees and took notes.   This post will be part one of a two or three part series, just because I took a very large number of photos.  This first part is a collection of of photos of the very beginnings of fruit.  At this point, in early, I am just starting to see little tiny fruit on some of the trees.

Here’s what the map of our garden looks like; click on it to enlarge it to see the detail.

Garden Map 5

The letters and numbers correlate to the types of fruit trees:

Apple: A1 Golden Delicious; A2 Granny Smith; A3 Melrose; A4 Red Gravenstein; A5 Winesap; A6 Yarlington Mill

Crabapple: B1 Evereste

Grape: C1 Himrod; C2 Flame

Pear: D1 Asian; D2 D’Anjou; D3 Bartlett

Persimmon: E1 Izu; E2 Hachiya

Plum: F1 Early Laxton;

G1 Italian; G2 Moyer; G3 Coe’s Golden Drop

Quince: H1 Havran Turkish; H2 Smyrna

Walnut: J1 Walnut

Cherry: K1 Montmorency (sour); K2 Rainier (sweet)

For orientation, the upper side is north, and the house is just north of the top of the garden, the pine tree farm is to the west, and the main road is to the east.  The vegetable garden is in the upper right corner and the entire area slopes down to the south.


The first photos are of an apple tree on March 4th, the only tree with any activity to see.

AppleBudMarch4  March4Apple blossom

The next batch are from March 12th

12March3   12Mar


A few days later, on March 15th

15March13    15March7 15March6 15March5  15March3 15March2 15March


And the last batch of nameless trees, on March 18th

_MG_3150-1 18March _MG_3189-1 _MG_3183-1 _MG_3181-1 _MG_3180-1 _MG_3175-1 _MG_3174-1 _MG_3171-1 _MG_3170-1 _MG_3164-1 _MG_3162-1 _MG_3158-1 _MG_3155-1 _MG_3154-1

As you can see, there was a great deal of activity going on in just a few weeks.  I loved seeing all the variations but I also loved that these trees were telling me that Spring and Summer were surely on their way and the days of cold and rain would not last forever.



2 thoughts on “Fruit Tree Study-Part 1

  1. Bruce I am enjoying the pictures and the updates on your garden. Thanks, Jeff

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