Tiny Fruits

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This is going to be the last post on the fruit trees–probably.  Most of the trees now have fruit on them and they are super cute!


May-Winesap                  May-RedGravenstein2

Winesap Apples                                                                            Red Gravenstein Apples


May-Quince  Quince.  Notice the furry skin.


May-Plum                 May-MontmorencyCherry

Plum                                                                                               Montmorency Cherries


Izu Persimmon.  It’s just now starting to blossom.  You can see a white bud in the center of the photo.


May-ItalianPrune  Italian Prune


May-Grapes3  We have grape trees and a grape arbor. May-Grapes2


May-GoldenDelicious                                 May-EarlyLaxton

Golden Delicious                                                                                                      Early Laxton Plum


Crabapples.  The tree is loaded with fruit.



This is the Black Walnut.  The tree I have listed in Fruit Tree Study Part 2 is not a Black Walnut…Bruce thinks it’s a Mulberry.


May-BartlettPear  Bartlett Pear


You may have noticed something odd about the Red Gravenstein apples and the Golden Delicious apples.  I told Bruce that I think they got mixed up on the map that I’ve been using, but he insisted that you never know what an apple will look like until it gets to maturity.

Well…does this really look like a Golden Delicious??


I guess we’ll just have to wait until Fall to find out.  Stranger things have happened.




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