Vegetable Garden, June 2014, No. 1


Other than some minor weeding, piling dirt in around the potatoes, and tucking tomato vines back into their cages the garden has been ignored for all of June.  That being the case, things are growing just fine without too much help from me.   The zucchini, summer squash, and snow peas are all in full harvest mode with shelling peas not that far off.  Garlic and shallots are more than ready to come out.  The green beans are looking good as are the dry beans and winter squash. The sweet corn is about 2 feet high and looking strong.  The weak links are the peppers and parsnips.  The peppers just look weak although they are producing fruit and the parsnips just did not germinate well.  The big positive development is the tomato plants. I was concerned that because I had started my tomatoes so early and they got so leggy they would not do well.  Also the cool nights and very warm days made me think they would not produce as well as they did in San Jose. But that does not appear to be the case.  These plants appear to be every bit as robust as the ones I grew in San Jose if not stronger and they are filled with fruit.  So I am very encouraged that they will produce enough tomatoes to meet our needs and provide some extras.

garden16 June2014a

June2014c June2014d June2014e

June 2014 g June 2014 f

June 2014h June2014b

Potato flower, Corn, Squash, Snow Peas, Beans, Potato flower, Squash flower, Potatoes, Peppers & Tomatoes


The big project in June was building a 24’ by 18’ pole barn.  I hired a local contractor to put up the poles and roof.  Then my father arrived from Florida and we put in the floor, sides and two sliding barn doors.  We put polycarbonate twin wall panels on the top two feet of the side walls which let enough light in to avoid the need for daytime lighting.  All in all it was a wonderful father/son project that allowed me to reconnect with my father and mother and remember all the wonderful times we had together as I grew up.  Now partially retired and just starting this new phase of my live it was great to have this experience.  Of course, all things like this have to come to an end and in this case the ending was very hard for me and I suspect for my father as well.  I am sure the sadness of parting will pass and the joy of this time together will remain.  But I now have a great barn for all of my garden and forest tools!  Over the next few months I will be finishing the exterior painting, building organizing structures, work benches, and generally building out the interior space.

June 2014 i   June 2014k

June 2014j

Final color-Gray Seas & Desert Sand, Gray Roof

 As for the June plan

  • Take down the temporary greenhouse structure (partially done)
  • Move the tables to a better location for summer propagation efforts. (done)
  • Build a “grow out area” for long term shrub propagation in 1 gal. and 2 gal. pots.  I am thinking this should go along the northern edge of the garden near the fruit trees. (Cancelled, the new location of the tables will do just fine.)
  • Have a pole shed built 24’ x 18’ and enclose it myself with my dad’s help (done!!! Sort of)
  • Lay out the spot for the new location of the hoop house.(not done)
  • Turn my focus to the orchard, flower beds, and yard. (Susan and my mother have really got the flower beds and yard in shape and the orchard is doing great )
  • Start to work on building a walking path around the property (not done)



Plan: July

  • Get winter vegetables started.
  • Re-seed parsnips
  • Harvest garlic and shallots
  • Harvest and preserve the garden vegetables and fruits
  • Organize to have the excess product provided to the food pantries in Roseburg
  • Start to work on building a walking path around the property


Garden with Barn

View of the barn from the house





5 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden, June 2014, No. 1

  1. Hi Bruce, you are not alone when it comes to tall leggy tomato plants. Everyone I have talked to here has the same thing. I think we can blame Mother Nature, sounds like Oregon and the Bay Area are much the same. Dot

  2. The season seems to be shorter and hotter than San Jose, but very similar other than that. My timing on the tomatoes and peppers was just way off this year. Also the scale of the garden is a bit hard to get my arms around, I had about 500 sq ft. of garden in San Jose and now I am close to 6000 sq ft. It just take more planning when the scale changes that much.

  3. Hello Bruce, I’ve been thinking of you lately as I try to organize all the MG’s who are saving seeds for SGM for the various tomato varieties… Ed’s, Ernie’s and Brandywine/Croatia. Also trying to organize the triallers; neither job appeals to me and I hope to farm them out next year. Looks like you have a beautiful vegetable garden and a nice pole barn…. but I’m sure your “to do” list will always be full.
    Not a great year for tomatoes here (again). Looks like you are enjoying retirement !

  4. Hi Mary,

    I am very interested in how you manage the seed saving. If you develop a protocol that you think works I would love to hear about it. I tried several ideas before I gave up and went to the full plant shields. I am setup here to save 4 tomato and 7 pepper varieties per year with the full plant shields. The tomatoes got beyond me this year due to the work on the pole barn but the peppers are all under shields. I do not know how well the varieties of tomatoes I liked in San Jose would do here so I have planted 128 plants from about 60 varieties so we will see. So far all the plants are doing very well and are full of fruit. I harvested my first hand full of Sungold tomatoes today. The open question now is; will they mature before it turns cold.

    It is now time to start seeding for the fall and winter garden here. Can you believe that! I seeded onions, broccoli, lettuce, and cabbage today. More to come in the next few days.

    On the retirement front, I will have to see about that when I retire. I am now “semi” retired working about 1/2 time for Teradyne from home. That is working out very well. Enough of the technology to keep me thinking and enough time to tend the garden and play. It is very nice here. It is very quiet with a great view. This summer here has been like San Jose with a wider temperature range, low 50s are night and between 75 and 100 during the day. Like San Jose not much rain in the summer, but we are just coming out of two misty days with a trace of rain fall. Most days are cloudless and on the hottest days the fog from the ocean comes over the mountains to cool things off just like San Jose. The elk and geese have left for the summer, but the deer are still providing us with entertainment.

  5. Bruce, the garden was magnificent. Did you ever figure out what kind of animal carcass we came across? Just curious! Thanks again for taking us to the fruitstand – those peaches were bursting with sweetness!

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