Wild Turkey

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We’ve heard them in the woods and seen them in neighboring fields ever since we moved here six months ago, but we’ve only seen one turkey on our farm.  Today we were rewarded with a sighting of a female turkey and a flock of juveniles.  I happened to look out the kitchen window and there they were, making their way through the tall grass, crossing the back yard.   They moved along slowly, the poults in front and the hen herding them forward.   What a treat!  I hope this means we’ll be seeing many more turkeys in the future.

  Turkeys3 Turkeys4 Turkeys5 Turkeys6

Check out this site,  http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/wild_turkey/sounds , from the Cornell Lab of Orthinology to find out more about these birds but, especially, to hear their calls.  Turkeys use 28 different calls. For example, males gobble while females yelp and cluck.




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  1. Oh how fun — thanks for sharing the pictures!

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