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It’s been hot this summer, too hot for me to work outside and almost too hot for Bruce.  But he’s been out digging in the garden getting ready to plant the fall vegetables.  We’ve been canning and freezing lots and lots of vegetables with no end in sight.  Right now we are getting loads of tomatoes, so we’re canning spaghetti sauce, whole tomatoes and slow-roasting San Marzano tomatoes.


_MG_6732   _MG_6740 _MG_6566

Sauce reducing on the stove; Jeff grinding up the tomatoes; finished sauce in quart jars; San Marzano tomatoes ready for roasting

In-between all the canning we’ve been somewhat busy with volunteer work with the Master Food Preservers and lots of visits from friends and family.  Bruce’s parents were here in June through July.  His dad helped him to finish his barn, which still needs to be painted.  Our daughters, Sara and Laura,  were here in July.   Our former neighbor, Anita, and her friend Dorothy came to visit in late July and our friends from CA, Jeff and Nancy, came to visit us a few weeks ago.  They were very helpful with a few of the canning projects.  We enjoyed all the visitors and it gave us an excuse to go out and see more of Oregon, instead of slaving working out in the garden.  Ahhh…Bruce does love to dig, but I think he may have met his match in this new garden.


Dorothy and Anita up above the valley on Coos Bay Wagon Road.

The weather is starting to be very cool in the mornings, but we’re in for another very hot week.  Summer isn’t over yet, but fall is surely coming.  I went out to the garden yesterday morning and picked a few fruits to see if any were ripe.  The Italian plum is almost ready for harvest, the Red Gravensteins are ready to go and the grapes are getting sweet and turning red.

Autuum Fruits1

from top: Granny Smith apple, Red Gravenstein apple, Asian pear, Melrose apple, Winesap apple, Italian plum, Crabapples, grapes, hazelnuts


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