Our Italian Tenant

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We have an Italian living with us,

in the barn–

the same as we had an Australian go on a car trip with us one year.

Both are machines, the latter a GPS device and the former a spiffy, new, shiny, Italian-made tiller–oh boy!!



Bruce finally bit the bullet and bought a brand new tiller because digging in the garden dirt was a lot more work than he wanted to do.  He had rented a tiller last year, but he found he needed it several times throughout the season, so this seemed to be the best solution.

We went up to Eugene to pick it up, got it home, and then the fun began.  It looked like it would be dangerous exciting getting it off the truck, so I took photos.

_MG_8030 _MG_8031

_MG_8036  _MG_8039

_MG_8040  _MG_8041

_MG_8042  _MG_8044

_MG_8045  _MG_8047

_MG_8048 _MG_8049

_MG_8050 _MG_8051

_MG_8052 _MG_8053

This is a BCS tiller.

Produced in Italy for over 50 years, BCS ranks as one of the world’s best selling tillers. BCS tillers have up to 4 forward and 3 reverse speeds. All models are direct-gear driven and offer the best power transfer in the industry. Other tillers use high maintenance, inefficient belts or chains, instead of precision high quality steel gears, to transfer power from engine to tines. BCS tillers also have an automotive-style clutch joined directly to the crankshaft.

In addition to the obvious benefits for power transfer, this clutch design positions the engine so that the tiller’s center of gravity is placed low for maximum maneuverability and the least wear and tear on the operator. High quality engines are used throughout the BCS line. They have solid state ignitions, extra-heavy flywheels and are certified for California emission standards. BCS tillers have lock pin adjustment of tiller depth up to 8″. They have rear tines (widths from 18″-30″) for even digging and reduced vibration. Tines rotate up to 290 rpms, or up to 50% faster than other brands for softer, finer soil.

BCS tillers have adjustable handles allowing 180° swing and BCS’s power take-off (PTO) can be controlled independently of the wheel speed. The tilling unit detaches easily so you can use your tractor for dozing, mowing, cutting, chipping, shredding or throwing snow. BCS offers many attachments for all these tasks; it has the widest selection of PTO attachments in the industry.


What do the initials BCS stand for?  Beneath Ceaseless Skies?  British Crime Survey?  Bayer Crop Science?  It could be any of these, but in this case it’s Bonetti, Castoldi, and Speroni, probably the men who founded the company…

It’s here on Wikipedia, but I don’t read Italian.  http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/BCS_%28azienda%29






One thought on “Our Italian Tenant

  1. Well done, looks like a great investment! Thanks for recording the arrival and unloading Susan…

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