A Room With A View

I’ve always loved looking at the clouds.  I can remember as a child, lying in the grass, and trying to figure out what each cloud shape looked like–a dog, a castle, a funny kind of car…there were no limits to what you could imagine.   In college, I took a class in meteorology and learned that all those cloud shapes had specific names–cumulus, stratus, cirrus–and that made cloud watching even more interesting.  One of the more captivating cloud shapes is the lenticular cloud (Altocumulus lenticularis) which often looks like an alien spaceship.  Trying to find and figure out cloud shapes never gets old.

In this house that we have lived in for almost two years, we have a large two-story bank of windows in the family room that faces west.  We’ve never owned a house with west facing windows on the family room side because the setting sun can be very hot in the summer.  But, we fell in love with the farm and the house and it didn’t matter where the windows were.  After moving in, we found out that these windows are wonderful!  We get to see the wildlife walking, flying or hopping by, and we can look down the valley and up into the mountains and yes, it is hot and bright in the summer, but sometimes, we get to see the the most gorgeous sunsets.   They always seem to be different from day to day, due to the abundance of clouds, the mountains and oftentimes smoke in the air.  Sometimes the way the light shines through the clouds is just breathtaking.  So I’m still looking at those clouds and they are still very fascinating.  Here is a collection of some of the more stunning sunsets we have seen over the last year or so, and perhaps a sunrise or two.

RoomWithaView18   RoomWithaView17

The view from our living room, February 2, 2015; May 31, 2015


July 21, 2014

RoomWithAView2 RoomWithAView3a RoomWithAView3b

July 31, 2014: 7:35 pm, 7:39 pm, 7:47 pm

RoomWithAView9 RoomWithAView4

August 11, 2014; September 15, 2014

RoomWithAView11 RoomWithAView10 RoomWithAView12

October 19, 2014: 6:07 pm, 6:21 pm; November 5, 2014: 7:43 am

RoomWithAView13b  RoomWithAView13c

January 23, 2015: 8:24 am

RoomWithAView13a RoomWithAView13

January 23, 2015: 6:03 pm; 6:13 pm

RoomWithAView6 RoomWithAView6a RoomWithAView6ab

May 31, 2015: 7:24 pm, 7:26 pm, 7:32 pm

RoomWithAView7 RoomWithAView8 RoomWithaView16

June 2, 2015; June 27, 2015: 8:48 pm, 8:54 pm

RoomWithaView14 RoomWithaView15

September 28, 2015; October 8, 2015: 6:46 am