Life on the Farm…


March 1, 2016

If you are squeamish, don’t read this post!

You never know, around here, what you will see when you look out the window.  We knew when we moved from a large city to a small town out in the countryside that life would be different.  Most of what happens around here is what we expected, but today was not.  I was looking out the kitchen window, while doing the dishes, and as usual the cows were out in the pasture.

_MG_3172 (1)

But, wait, one cow was not looking so good.  In fact, she was laid out on her side looking quite dead.


I got out my binoculars and discovered that she was, in fact, not dead, but giving birth.  Oh, wow!  I ran around and grabbed my camera, coat and binoculars, ran outside to get Bruce and we hurried over to the fence to watch and take photos.  Bruce decided to hop the fence and take a closer look, but I’m pretty leery of cows and stayed on our side.

cows5  _MG_3163 (1)

He came back and said that I should go get the phone and call the owner, because things didn’t look so good for the cow.  Bruce finally got a hold of the owner’s wife, who said she would try and get word to the son.  In the meantime, she says, could you pull the calf out?  Um…well, sure.  Good thing Bruce had gloves on.  I walked up and over the hill to get the son while Bruce tried his best to pull out that calf, without much success.

cows7  cows6  cows9

I got almost to the barn, with unhappy cows and bulls bellowing all around me and decided walking between two bulls was not a good idea.  I went back to Bruce and told him to get the son.

_MG_3193 _MG_3192 _MG_3185

Those cows were amazing.  They kept coming by to check up on the mother and the calf and they really seemed to be concerned about the whole affair.  They just didn’t have any way to help her.


After a long while, the son and father drove up in their truck.  The son said the calf was dead and he tried to pull it out without success.  He then got out a contraption to pull it out, (one end is a ratchet, the other end braces against the mother and the calf’s legs are tied to it),


but between him and Bruce they weren’t able to make it work…they needed three people, and the father wasn’t going to do it, due to his age.  So, I volunteered to work the ratchet part while Bruce and the son held the other end up against the mother, and in just a short while I got that calf pulled out.  I have to say, it was pretty darn cool!  I just really wish that calf had been alive.

After the son and father left and the mother got up and walked away, a large group of cows came over and stood in a circle around the calf.  They seem like big, dumb animals, but I think they do care about each other.

This story doesn’t have a happy ending, but we feel good about helping out a cow in distress and taking part in something so miraculous.

While waiting for the son to show up, I did get some nice photos of our house, from a place I’m fairly certain I’ll never be at again–the neighbor’s pasture!

cows12 cows14


4 thoughts on “Life on the Farm…

  1. Life on the farm involves quite a fascinating bunch of experiences we don’t see on Shellback Place. Although the result was no baby calf to ooh and aahh over, both of you are impressive with your country skills!

  2. OMG that is amazing!! Sorry the calf didn’t make it but glad you noticed and acted -/ and were able to get pics. Thanks for sharing — and great work both of you!

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